Workshops & Seminars

Positive Constructive Communication

Communicating constructively is not always easy. Even when we have the best intentions, we are not always able to express them in a positive way that would inspire and engage the other. This short Self Development workshop is designed to improve and sharpen your positive communication skills, based on your individual situation. Theory and Practical Exercises will be discussed. You can sign up for this workshop as an individual, pairs of 2 or 3. Rates varies based on group size

Relationship Healing

Are you going through heartbreak? Have you been having a hard time getting over your divorce or break up? This self development workshop is focused to support the healing process of one's self. Based on your experiences and background, the practitioner will customize the workshop. This workshop can be taken as an individual or as a pair.

Inside out building your Wellbeing

Different topics available as seen below:


  • Sample of topics discussed in this Self development workshop
  • Health & Wellness Goals Motivation
  • Motherhood & Individual Wellbeing
  • Reducing Alcohol consumption
  • The right Mindset to achieve Your Health Goals
  • Inner Healing & Stress Reduction

Relationships unraveled

This Seminar focuses on all the elements of obtaining and maintaining a healthy relationship and is suitable for, regardless if you are single, in a relationship or have been married for 10 years. We will discuss Positive Communication, How to preserve your own identity and achieve balance, How to express boundaries & provide enough space and time to discuss frequent dillemas, singles & couples deal with. The aim is to keep the seminar light, fun and maximum engagement with the lecturers.

This is a half-day seminar and will be hosted in a to be confirmed hotel venue. The price is inclusive of a one hour seated lunch, a coffee break with refreshments and Blue Lights workbook. The seminar will be led by our Founder & Holistic Psychologist Jeanina and 2 guest lecturers. Attendance Fee: AED350. Date: Saturday December 9th from 1130AM till 4.30pm. To sign up sent us an email on and to confirm attendance, payment will be required in advance, in order to confirm your seat. Group discount available (600AED per 2 participants)