A Beginners Guide to ‘Holistic Family Living’


Hello! I am Jeanina, the founder of Blue Lights Wellness, a counseling psychologist, writer and holistic practitioner. Welcome to my blog, where I will regularly write and repost articles on Holistic Living & Counseling.

A holistic lifestyle involves a healthy balance between mind, body and spirit by becoming in tune with all that there is. The core of holistic living is not necessarily only based on home remedies or meditation or adopting a green lifestyle, although these are all tools that may help to achieve a mind-body-spirit connection. Living a holistic life can be as simple or as involved as you want it to be as long as the focus is on creating oneness within yourself. If you are considering this path for your family but do not know where to start, how about you give these 5 aspects of holistic living a try:

Practice attachment parenting.

Attachment parenting is a style of parenting that involves immediately responding to your child’s needs to create a strong bond and feelings of security. Attachment parenting methods include baby-wearing, co-sleeping and employing a sense of understanding to your child’s behaviors. Consider your child’s “bad” behavior an unmet need. Recognize that your child is an individual and nurture their unique goals and passions. Understand that you are important as a parent and that your role is vital in guiding your child through their development (How about implementing some of the NLP Parenting tips!).

Live simply.

Develop rituals and routines that focus on easy-going, smooth-flowing days. Get rid of unneeded junk and employ a one-in one-out rule – if you buy something and bring it home, something else must be donated. Set up a donation box to organize giveaway items and remove them from your everyday flow. Use one calendar to plan activities and events and don’t over-pack your schedule. Make sure relaxing and catching up with your family is a regular part of your day. Maybe ‘PhoneStack’ during dinner to keep the attention focused on each other.

Eat healthy.

Add more fresh foods into your diet and save the unneeded junk and fast foods for specific occasions only. Plan your meals ahead for the week to come, so you can ensure your family eats wholesome foods without the spending hours preparing and cooking. Work healthy eating into your budget by purchasing produce based on the season and locally available.

Reduce the use of chemicals.

Ditch your commercial cleaners in favor of natural cleaners such as lemon, vinegar and baking soda. Try making your own laundry detergent from soap, washing soda and borax. Switch to all natural soaps and shampoos in the bathroom. It is amazing how easily you can replace chemicals with all natural ingredients.

Nurture the spirit.

Learn with your family how to meditate and practice mindfulness.  A good start would to take time each day to talk about what you are grateful for. Focus on the positive things that happen in the lives of yourself and your children.

Creating a holistic life for your family is not an all-or-nothing deal. Simply adding aspects of holistic living into your home will enrich the lives of you, your partner and your children. Start by making one change today – you’d be surprised how easy it is to prioritize the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of your loved ones and you’ll find yourself making more positive changes.

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