About Bluelights

Blue Lights Wellness is a Holistic Counseling Center. The approach of Blue Lights Wellness is to blend a variety of approaches, traditional and alternative to offer the clients an individual tailored approach into their healing process.

Blue Lights is run in an informal and positive manner and prides itself on, trust, commitment and confidentiality between client and practitioner.


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Jeanina is the Founder of Blue Lights Wellness. She is a Counseling Psychologist from South American & German descent, who is born and raised in The Netherlands. Jeanina prefers to herself as a ‘Holistic Psychology Practitioner’, due to her approach being a blend of traditional models in Psychology and Alternative Healing. Her educational background consists of a Masters degree in Psychology, Post Graduate Diploma’s in Psychotherapy & Counseling, Family Therapy (& Couples Therapy), Doctorate Degree (PsyD) in Psychotherapy and Counseling and she is as well completed certified training in CBT, Solution Focused Thinking, Mindfulness, EFT, Advanced Theta Healing Modalities and as an Access Bars Practitioner. Jeanina is specialized to work with individuals, couples and students. She has 12+ years of experience of working and clinical training in the UAE, US and United Kingdom. She has a special interest and passion for Relationship, Authentic Living, Self Development work & raising awareness around Student Wellbeing and Education. She offers sessions in English and Dutch

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Erin is our Wellness Practitioner and at Blue Lights she splits her time in working as a Wellness Counselor & Coach . In her role as coach, she develops goal plans and offers support and guidance on the clients journey to improve aspects of Health, Wellness, Emotion, Stress, Career Navigation, Motivation & Self Esteem. In her role as a counselor, she delves deeper with individuals to heal emotional aspects of eating disorders, violence and compulsive behaviors such as abuse of alcohol and exploring roots of cause. Erin holds a wide range of qualifications and experience in Counseling of Addictions and Eating Disorders, DBT, CBT, Health & Wellness and as Coach. She offers sessions in English.

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Magdalena is our EMDR Therapist & Family Counselor and specializes in working with women, parents & families. She holds Master’s Degree in Psychology and Cultural Anthropology and EMDR Therapy Diploma. She is an adjunct lecturer of Psychology at the university in Dubai. Magdalena has over eight years of experience in working across the UAE for the public and private sector. At Blue Lights, Magdalena is our practitioner for EMDR therapy & trauma and is a core facilitator in our Awareness Talks & Courses. Magdalena offers her sessions in English & Polish.

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Dalia is our Yoga and Reiki Therapist. She offers individual Therapeutic Yoga and Reiki sessions to improve Chronic Back Pain, Reduce Stress & Anxiety, Breathing Technique, Post – Pregnancy Care. Dalia is a licensed and certified Yoga teacher and therapist, Access Bars & Theta Healing Practitioner has completed her Reiki Masters Level as well as Hypnotherapy level 1. She prides herself into combining all her skills, knowledge and training of all modalities into her practice, with respect and regards to wishes of our clients. She has a special gift and interest into enriches lives with her unique Holistic approach of practicing.

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Maria is our Administrative Receptionist and takes care of client bookings, administration, in and out going communication and is always here to help!


The Holistic Approach

Sessions at Blue Lights Wellness Center will vary between 55-70 minutes depending on the progress and situation of the client. Blue Lights aims to provide a safe and non-judgmental environment for all clients. Blue Lights Wellness Center is located in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai.

During the intake sessions, the practitioner will decide which method or blend of methodologies will be applied based on the beliefs of the client and the situation. This approach in mind & soul wellbeing is unique at Blue Lights Wellness Center. Confidentiality agreements will be provided to serve as a foundation of trust between practitioner and client.

*It remains important to note that our Holistic Approach does not serve as a replacement treatment for those diagnosed with a Clinical Psychological and/ or Medical Condition. Please continue to seek treatment at a traditional Clinical institution alongside the Holistic Approach.