Journey of evolving, growing and healing

“The spiritual journey is much like a winding path through a thick forest. In order to make it through that mystical and dark forest, in order to walk the path less traveled, we must use both discernment and instinct. We must be fierce, courageous, and connected to both our logic and intuition – just like the wolf – for we are both sacred and wild.”

Hi, I’m Hifza. I’m a guest practitioner at Bluelights Wellness. I welcome you to an experience of healing, growing and evolving. No matter wherever you are in the world, I can assist you online through various techniques & tools I applied for numerous people. I know that this is the perfect time if you are someone who wants to take the spiritual path.

I have always believed that the root cause of all physical, mental, emotional illness is any spiritual wound. It took me almost half of my life to realise this. Previously working as a journalist for both print and electronic media for organisations like Aljazeera English & New York Times, it did not bring me any closer to my SPIRITUAL calling in life.

The world of metaphysics and the ‘unseen’ always fascinated me, and at first i figured seeking it could only be done via the world of academics. For both of my independent researches in graduation i chose, ‘anthropology of mysticism; with a focus on women’ and that took me on a deep dive as an ethnographer on Sufi Shrines in Sindh in Pakistan.

Now i realise that the only way i can seek knowledge is by sharing it. My mission in life is to help others connect to their divine self.
So if you know someone or are that someone who is willing to take the fierce, courageous path of intuition as well as logic, you are in the right place. Let me take you on this powerful journey.

You can reach out for any psychological or emotional healing session to me. I offer various modalities like reiki, lama-fera (Buddhist), conscious breath-work, munay-ki rites (shamanic), life scripting work, Akashic healing, angel guidance work & trauma & self-esteem work. I also offer astrological guidance & reports to help you reach your soul’s blueprint.

You can book a session with me
on or 04/2432930.
Warm regards,

What foods are right for me?

You have made the decision to become healthier? You decided you want to become the healthiest version of yourself but you just don’t seem to know where or how to start. Or, perhaps, you  already are doing a lot to be healthy but it all seems too overwhelming. Or maybe you just can’t decide which “diet”, of the many diet trends out there is right for you; keto, paleo, vegan? It all seems to complicated nowadays.

I get you. You are not alone in this. What if I told you that finding the “right” way of eating in order to have a health transformation is much easier and fun than it might seem right now.  All it requires is small, consistent steps towards your health goals and it seems to me you already might be taking the first one by reading this post.

My name is Jovana. I am an integrative nutrition health coach and I work with clients to improve their health and overall wellness though a simple but integrative approach. This approach includes whole foods and nutrition but also a lot of conversations and self-discovery and also potentially addressing any issues that might come up on a personal level (one example would be emotional overeating or binge-eating etc.)

I would love to support you, educate and empower you to make behavioral changes that will lead to your improved wellness. You are welcome to book your first free “Health History”  session with me.

Staying sane with family in one house!

Increase public distance! Do not get close to people! Stay home!

These are important demands put recently on us all. These serve prophylaxis against coronavirus COVID-19, a disease recently disturbing life around the globe. Most of us in Dubai adhered to such requirements putting health first.

It was sad, however, to hear that many parents have been worried about having kids at home for the whole day. Some of them, were worrying more about dealing with kids than potential infection.

This is actually a great opportunity to heal family relationships or build them from the scratch. Somehow, such critical situation can put a new light on our daily routines and how much we have gotten lost within the fashions and race for success. All of us, including kids who have devoted most of their after-school time to extracurricular activities. Within such busy schedules probably there was no time to spend together as families. It served its purpose for the society which was achievement focused. Now, we should be focusing on health, sustainability and quality of life.  

Therefore, try to use this inflicted home rest, to get to know one another. Rest together, do nothing together, try to accept each other’s flaws. We wanted to live stress -free life by delegating lots of obligations, even those related to relationships. At present day, allow yourself to be real and accept that your kids, spouse are not perfect, but it is okay. Also, do not force yourself to be the best teacher and entertainer to them. They do not need that. Trust in them, ask them to perform things alone, tell them they are competent of playing without supervision or structured care. If you have infants indulge into being close with them, even while working. Do not take it as punishment or challenge.  You are a team and you all should participating in relationships maintenance. Be compassionate to one selves and others. And for once in a lifetime do not busy yourself not your kids all day long. Try to relax together, play together and do nothing together. It is called life. Enjoy it!


How often do you feel soothing or liberating, genuine, heartfelt human touch?I’m Anita, practitioner of Blue Lights Center and I welcome you to Conscious Touch Ritual: the “space” where you are free to be you in this moment- with no taboos. My scope of work are Emotions (related to the Shadows) and untangling Emotional attachments through the Ritual.

Conscious Touch Ritual™ is two hours Ritual of reconnecting with our Body and Heart through intention. When there is honest and pure intention, focusing on the words and thoughts that we say, we actually pray. Dr. Spiegel claims that praying affects the deeper part of the brain; parts that are involved in self-reflection, emotion handling and self-soothing. Following intuitive touch/subtle massage, accompanied with tibetan bowls sound, DNA healing frequency music and only inevitable coaching (powerful questions) to support releasing any aspect of blockage: emotional, physical, mental and/or spiritual. Blocks are basically emotions stuck as consequence of suppressing them (sometimes unconsciously).

Six main („negative“) emotions that we usually suppress are fear, anger, shame, grief, disgust and guilt. We suppress them in particular parts of our body and it can be literally anywhere. For women, very often that place is their womb. For men, very often that place is their heart.

Removing the blocks from the body brings many fantastic deeds: personal power, creativity and confidence which lead to more (self)respect (at home and at work), ability to influence, flow and feeling of determination to achieve personal/work goals, AND finally dropping the role of victim, realising that with – seemingly dreading – responsibility for own life also comes the power to make things best way (my heartfelt way of doing things).

If Conscious Touch Ritual™ resonates with you, don’t hesitate to book your session on or 04/2432930. I’m awaiting you with open heart.


Parental Coaching

As a parent, have you ever felt lost between often contradictory advice and recommendations in regards how to raise your children? For example, you have just packed the fridge with recently promoted foods while next day the news shouts it is all wrong? You are following the democratic approach to child rising and try to be friend with your kids, but realizing they do not show respect, which you find distracting?

Nowadays, in the era of fast developing knowledge and technology we are bombarded with news (often fake) and information that are difficult to filter. There is definitely a good side of it, which is fact, that we know more and also have access to most recent findings. Likewise comes awareness of what is damaging to well-being of humans with children and their wellness being widely researched. Yet, on the other hand as parents who have been brought up in more authoritarian way, we are not having clear concepts or tools how to act. Hence, the search of parents for ideas and help.

Parenting is a journey of particular individuals with their unique vehicle and unique characteristics of the road. It is therefore difficult to create general rules and models. Hence, there might be some universal directions of what to do and how to act but each family needs to find and create their own way of functioning. Parental coaching supports well such process and has been shown to be effective in helping particular families finding best solutions.

Parental coaching also eases transformation of the perspective of looking at parenting. As parents we often believe that ideal parenting leads to having ideal children. Parental coach will try helping parents to realize that such notion is a huge misunderstanding. Firstly, parents need to know there is no such a thing as ideal parent or ideal child. We are all humans, we all make mistakes. Another misconception is that of cooperative children. Cooperative children are an illusion! If you want a child mentally healthy, psychologically adapted and coherent let him or her explore and say no! View your child as capable of doing things and taking responsibilities. A competent learner who given the right environment, will grow to her or his best. Therefore respecting your child, believing in him or her and allowing taking up responsibilities are the clues for healthy parenting.

Some parents might experience fear of losing control which they perceive is related to including child in decision making. In such case parental coaching clarifies that there is nothing to be afraid of. Treating your child as capable partner and allowing responsibilities as early as possible will not diminish parental decision power. Usually when the child is asking for the right to make decision in fact she or he asks about the right to be responsible for themselves not to decide for others or family as whole. And if we do not give the right to make choice we cannot expect from child to deal with consequences. It is a relief for child to become responsible and success for parents to see their child self-realizing and growing as a person.

Every family needs rules to function, however as parents we cannot really set the boundaries for children, we can support them to find and set them by themselves. It starts with parent’s awareness of their own frontiers. Self-awareness is therefore another aspect strengthen through parental coaching. Parents need to know or learn if needed, to say “no” in situations they find it adequate. Assertiveness is a skill to be learnt which helps parents feel coherent, self-worthy and whole. It prevents suppressing emotions and acting against one’s values and beliefs. There is another part into it. While being assertive you teach your child assertiveness. While allowing child to abuse, parents are modeling such behavior as acceptable. Parental coaching works on parents because children are great observers and they learn mostly through vicarious experiences (modeled behaviors of their parents and care givers). Therefore be your best self and leave the role of parent. Relax and last but not least – enjoy your children. Be with them fully engaged and give experience instead of stuff.

Parental coaching which incorporates experience of working with children, research and knowledge together with caching tools and skills assists parents to overcome habitual behaviors and reactions. It also provides assistance to parents so that they can find inside themselves courage and strength to become parents, their child needs the most.

Child’s Aggression Associated with New Technology

What is aggression?

Child’s aggression has been widely discussed especially in relation to taming outburst and acting out. Not many parents are, however, aware that aggression is a natural prime emotion that child possess similar to fear, trust and pleasure. Not all emotions are positive but all are needed for healthy functioning. Suppressing any of emotions may be disturbing to development and healthy function of the young person.  Therefore, it is crucial to accept the fact that aggressive behaviors are natural part of children functioning and at certain points of their development there are particularly strong. Accepting child as a whole with good and bad sides will allow development of coherent personality and clear identity. On the other hand, fighting with this emotions may cause adverse effects like lack of acceptance, self-criticism, low self-esteem, or even self-harm.

Aggression is natural and in small amount is related to motivation and success. That does not mean that parents need to allow behaviors which are not fitting within their family wellbeing. Severe aggression needs to be addressed to assure safety of the child and his/her environment.

Sources of child aggression

Roots of aggressive behaviors are not limited to child but usually origin in unfulfilled needs, like need of feeling important, need of independence and need of self-growth. Recent views also explain source of aggression in loss of perception of being of value to others. The negative emotions provoked by these unfulfilled needs result in anger directed towards others.  Such anger may be triggered or escalated by environmental components as well as child’s diet. Sugar, processed food and drinks affect abilities to control, decrease concentration provoke agitation.  

Within environmental factor media and new technology are also recognized as triggers of children aggression, as the media children consume can have adverse influence on their development and functioning. It has not been yet widely research what impact actually technology and new devices have in long term as it is a comparably a new phenomenon. Some signals are alarming, though, and now parents are becoming more aware of the adverse influence of technology on children. Technology nowadays became major source of entertainment, information and socialization for your people. Recent researches are evidencing the negative influence technology has on children below two years. It is linked with slower speech development, delay in motor skills acquisition, worse understanding of the space as well as sleep issues, obesity and bad habits. According to American Pediatric Association there are no real advantages from technology for children below two years. For older children the usage of devices should be limited because of link with hyperactivity, sleep distortion, agitate states, as well as because of the often aggressive and hostile content.

How to help child experiencing aggression.

While most of the time parents are capable to deal with child aggression, at points asking for help might be beneficial to family integrity and happiness. Here family coaching comes into play helping in understanding the antecedents, triggers as well as underlying patterns. Aggressive behaviors need to be assessed taking into account development and age and situation in which child is being raised. Holistic and structural perspective taken by a specialist will facilitate the process of working with a child.

Aggression is related to experiencing of negative emotions like anger and disappointment. Etymology of the word “emotion” which means “energy in motion” already suggests that movement is very important when handling feelings and lack of physical activity blocks natural and healthy emotion flow. When child is experiencing anger or other negative feelings which are related to aggression, he or she should be able to act it out. We can help child by providing safe space for it. And if faced with choice ball or Ipad – the answer comes naturally!

Furthermore, parents must be involved in children tech behaviors. It is also essential how do the parents use technology. Children learn mostly by observation and parents who can balance the usage of new technology will model same to a child resulting in establishing healthy habits for their life. Good practice is to eliminate electronics from certain spaces at home like dinning room and child bedroom. Organize yourself to cultivate chatting and enjoying being together without any devices. And if your child enjoys watching particular show of play a game on tablet, just join him or her and do this together. In such way a healthy family bond is strengthen and activity on preferred device is not presented as escape from reality.