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Staying sane with family in one house!

Increase public distance! Do not get close to people! Stay home! These are important demands put recently on us all. These serve prophylaxis against coronavirus COVID-19, a disease recently disturbing life around the globe. Most of us in Dubai adhered to such requirements putting health first. It was sad, however, to hear that many parents […]

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How often do you feel soothing or liberating, genuine, heartfelt human touch?I’m Anita, practitioner of Blue Lights Center and I welcome you to Conscious Touch Ritual™: the “space” where you are free to be you in this moment- with no taboos. My scope of work are Emotions (related to the Shadows) and untangling Emotional attachments through the Ritual. Conscious […]

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Parental Coaching

As a parent, have you ever felt lost between often contradictory advice and recommendations in regards how to raise your children? For example, you have just packed the fridge with recently promoted foods while next day the news shouts it is all wrong? You are following the democratic approach to child rising and try to […]

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Child’s Aggression Associated with New Technology

What is aggression? Child’s aggression has been widely discussed especially in relation to taming outburst and acting out. Not many parents are, however, aware that aggression is a natural prime emotion that child possess similar to fear, trust and pleasure. Not all emotions are positive but all are needed for healthy functioning. Suppressing any of […]

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EMDR – a psychotherapy

Everyone at one point, experienced stressful event. It might have been a minor incident like a spoiled coffee on shirt just before the meeting, or something slightly more affecting like a car crash. Fewer have gone through major distressing situations like natural disaster or war. The traumas of small or big effects, are accompanying our […]

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Exercising and mood enhancement – How does it work?

Physical activity constitutes a healthy way to improve mood as physical activity and psychotherapy show similar effectiveness in treating mood disorders. On the other hand depression and anxiety, the most common mood disorders are linked to the lack of exercise. However, this mechanism does not apply to all individuals.  Identification of underlying reasons for the […]

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