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Cognitive Behavior by Erin Leroux

Do you ever feel stuck in a continuous negative thought pattern? Or maybe you have trouble imagining or picturing a positive outcome or overthink almost every situation? Maybe you are hyper focused on negatives and have a perception that about your physical, mental or emotional self?  Well, you are not alone. Many people suffer from […]

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Yoga & Reiki Therapy

My name is Dalia and I’m a holistic wellness practitioner with Blue Lights. I offer yoga therapy, Reiki healing, and Theta healing sessions. These offerings provide a well-rounded approach to mind, body and soul wellbeing. If you’re not familiar with these modalities, I’m going to delve a little into each: Yoga therapy: Did you know […]

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Bringing meaning to life….

Difficult partnership, neglecting parents, bullying at school, demanding relatives, failures…. all these factors influence what individuals think of themselves and can be perceived subjectively as very traumatic. If not processed by the brain and packed as memories, they might intensively influence abilities to cope, attachment styles and emotional responses. It happens due to the fact […]

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Healthy Relationships

(published on InnerSeed) Becoming an expert in anything usually means one has failed repeatedly, learned, evolved and adjusted. So how does one become an expert into having ‘healthy relationships’, whether in family, friend or romantic context? Reflecting back, we can think of Abraham Maslow, a great American Psychologist, who developed the hierarchy of needs theory. […]

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EMDR & Trauma: An Integrative Approach to Therapy

Everyone at one point, experienced stressful event. It might have been a minor incident like a spoiled coffee on shirt just before the meeting, or something slightly more affecting like a car crash. Fewer have gone through major distressing situations like natural disaster or war. The traumas of small or big effects, are accompanying our life […]

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Is Mindfulness For You?

Is Mindfulness for you? If you’re struggling with depression, anxiety or insomnia, you probably would have thought about Mindfulness. Mindfulness means focusing your attention inwards and maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and the surroundings. The key components of mindfulness are thus awareness of one’s current feelings and thoughts in the present […]

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