Depression Treatment

Depression is a mental condition that can severely affect one’s personal outlook. More importantly, its impact can ripple into other aspects of a person’s life.
If you are struggling with depression, know that you have someone to turn to here at Blue Lights Wellness, the leading center for depression treatment in Dubai today.

Specialised Depression Therapy in Dubai from the Leading Therapists in the Country

Depression is one of the most common mental conditions today, and sadly, also one of the most seriously grave. It has affected millions of lives across the globe, and it often manifests in many ways. Thankfully, it is a mental condition that can be treated, alleviated, and completely overcome through apt and timely treatment.

Here at Blue Lights Wellness, we help people overcome this mental condition through personal depression treatment. We believe there is no single path to defeating depression, and that is why we apply a multi-modal approach that is defined according to the specific case of the client.

This is achieved through an in-depth evaluation of the client’s specific case by one of our trained counsellors. A case evaluation will help to determine the symptoms that the patient has been experiencing, while also establishing baselines and milestones to be plotted throughout the course of depression counselling.

Some may want to include goals such as improved physical wellness and health in addition to stronger personal relationships, while others may want to raise their self-esteem and self-worth while also improving their daily focus and productivity.

Personal depression counselling may also include various therapies, such as the following:
• Cognitive Therapy – a method of treatment that empowers clients with the ability and consciousness to catch negative thoughts and challenge them.
• Behavioral Therapy – a therapeutic approach that aims to change the negative behavior manifested by the client in order to improve perceptions and thought processes.
• Interpersonal Therapy – this is therapy that aims to improve the client’s interactions and relationships with other people through better communication skills.

Our in-house team includes some of the most respected specialists in their respective fields, all Western-educated and certified to practice in Dubai and the UAE. In addition to our team, we offer a comfortable and relaxing environment that lulls clients to a relaxed state here at our location in JLT, Dubai.

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