EMDR Therapy

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) an integrative therapeutic approach intended to relieve and treat symptoms and challenges brought about by trauma and post traumatic stress. EMDR therapy sessions are done following a specific sequence of treatment phases, and practitioners use bilateral stimulation, such as eye movements and hand tapping, to help the client process unresolved memories and emotions from adverse experiences.

Sessions in EMDR will be led by our practitioner Magdalena (English & Polish) qualified EMDR trauma therapist. Magdalena holds an EMDR Therapy Diploma, in addition to her Master’s Degree in Psychology and Cultural Anthropology. She is also a core facilitator of Blue Lights Wellness Center’s of Awareness Talks and Courses. To book a session, send an email to info@bluelights.ae.

How can EMDR trauma therapy help you?

EMDR helps facilitate emotional and psychological healing in individuals who are experiencing symptoms such as anxiety, distress, low self-esteem, and feelings of helplessness caused by a traumatic or disturbing episode in their lives.

EMDR therapy taps into the brain’s natural capacity to heal by removing obstacles that impede its healing process (e.g., distressing memories or feelings from a traumatic experience). Because of its proven effectiveness, EMDR is globally recognized by organizations such as the American Psychiatric Association, World Health Organization and the US Department of Defense.

EMDR can be used along with other therapy methods. Treatment may cover 8 to 12 sessions.

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