Is Mindfulness For You?

Is Mindfulness for you?

If you’re struggling with depression, anxiety or insomnia, you probably would have thought about Mindfulness. Mindfulness means focusing your attention inwards and maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and the surroundings.

The key components of mindfulness are thus awareness of one’s current feelings and thoughts in the present moment, a deliberate and conscious direction of attention towards them, and acceptance in a non-judgmental way. During mindfulness, you are encouraged to tune into what you are feeling or thinking in the present moment, reserving any judgment and avoiding ruminating about the past or daydreaming about the future. A growing body of research points to the numerous benefits of mindfulness; practicing it on a regular basis can not only relieve depression and anxiety and boost energy levels but has also been shown to change your brain structure. Most studies confirm that group courses may be just as beneficial as individual sessions but practicing mindfulness on your own could make it easier for you to focus and remain aware of your present feelings and thoughts rather than be distracted by your surroundings. If you’re struggling with anxiety, depression or tend to ruminate excessively, mindfulness can greatly improve your mental state.

In terms of duration, there are no set rules about how long you should practice mindfulness but studies demonstrate that 8 weeks of mindfulness practice can lead to long-lasting brain changes along with increased well-being. However, even a single mindfulness session can greatly enhance your mental health; a study from 2015, for instance, found that a session of mindfulness meditation leads to decreases in negative mood.

In short, if you would like to reduce the brain chatter, enjoy lower stress levels, greater focus and enhanced well-being and are willing to dedicate half an hour daily, then mindfulness might be just the perfect match for you.

So, how can you know if mindfulness is something that could work for you? In general, everyone can practice mindfulness, regardless of age, gender or background. The only to find out if Mindfulness is for you, is to give it a try!

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