Journey of evolving, growing and healing

“The spiritual journey is much like a winding path through a thick forest. In order to make it through that mystical and dark forest, in order to walk the path less traveled, we must use both discernment and instinct. We must be fierce, courageous, and connected to both our logic and intuition – just like the wolf – for we are both sacred and wild.”

Hi, I’m Hifza. I’m a guest practitioner at Bluelights Wellness. I welcome you to an experience of healing, growing and evolving. No matter wherever you are in the world, I can assist you online through various techniques & tools I applied for numerous people. I know that this is the perfect time if you are someone who wants to take the spiritual path.

I have always believed that the root cause of all physical, mental, emotional illness is any spiritual wound. It took me almost half of my life to realise this. Previously working as a journalist for both print and electronic media for organisations like Aljazeera English & New York Times, it did not bring me any closer to my SPIRITUAL calling in life.

The world of metaphysics and the ‘unseen’ always fascinated me, and at first i figured seeking it could only be done via the world of academics. For both of my independent researches in graduation i chose, ‘anthropology of mysticism; with a focus on women’ and that took me on a deep dive as an ethnographer on Sufi Shrines in Sindh in Pakistan.

Now i realise that the only way i can seek knowledge is by sharing it. My mission in life is to help others connect to their divine self.
So if you know someone or are that someone who is willing to take the fierce, courageous path of intuition as well as logic, you are in the right place. Let me take you on this powerful journey.

You can reach out for any psychological or emotional healing session to me. I offer various modalities like reiki, lama-fera (Buddhist), conscious breath-work, munay-ki rites (shamanic), life scripting work, Akashic healing, angel guidance work & trauma & self-esteem work. I also offer astrological guidance & reports to help you reach your soul’s blueprint.

You can book a session with me
on or 04/2432930.
Warm regards,