Individual Counselling Sessions

Feeling overwhelmed or stuck? Perhaps, you don’t feel heard or misunderstood? We are here to listen without judgement and in confidence. During our sessions we offer guidance and counseling in relaxation techniques and support towards solution focused thinking, inner balancing and positive healing.

Our practitioners work with feelings of anxiety, anger, depression, loneliness and isolation, struggle with relocation, intercultural differences, relationship struggles, intimacy and compulsive behaviors.

At Blue Lights Wellness Center, we will work together via a transparent approach, with focus on compassion, love and resolution. Sessions are available in English & Dutch. Sessions in our center are available Sunday – Thursday from 9AM-9PM and on Saturdays from 11AM-4PM.

*Reduced Fee available when purchasing a package

Access holistic counselling services at our wellness center in Dubai

We are committed to helping you overcome challenges and achieve balance and wellness in all aspects of your personal life, including emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health. Through individual counselling services in Dubai, our practitioners are able to provide focused therapy sessions aimed at meeting the unique needs of each person, in a safe, encouraging and comfortable environment.

Our team at Blue Lights are experts in a broad range of psychotherapies, hence providing our clients with all the support they need in one place. Whether you are experiencing challenges at work, in your personal relationships, or with your health and lifestyle, we are here to help you find solutions and empower you to change your life for the better.

We understand each person is facing different challenges and has their own ways of dealing with them. We specialize in a variety of therapeutic methods and use the most effective and suitable ones depending on each individual’s needs.

If you are interested in our counselling services in Dubai, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through +971 4 243 2930 or