What is Women’s Wellness Coaching?

Although nowadays women are strong, multitasking and bravely navigate in fast changing environment, they also very often are filled with hesitation and fear.  Women are paying high price for being always alert and juggling traditional roles with career or self-development. Therefore, creating happiness and harmony in your life is sometimes not that easy. Finding time for self-care is often seen as unnecessary.  So, whether you perceive certain imbalance between important aspects of your life or if you feel permanently overwhelmed or experience uncontrolled outbursts of suppressed emotion, in such case our women wellness coaching might be a helpful way of moving forward. The sessions will lead you towards better insight into dysfunctional, self-harming way of thinking and related to them emotional states and will aid in the journey toward more constructive behaviors, thoughts and expectation. Coaching session will target positive change and mindful presence in order to make your life more meaningful and harmonious.