What is Parent Coaching?

Nowadays parents are able to expand their competences and acquire new skills, in order to more mindfully influence their parenting. Child which feels loved, understood and supported, more confidently deal with life challenges and becomes competent and independent learner. Parenting, despite being a great responsibility can be therefore an insightful adventure, resulting in better communication and understanding within the family. Child-rearing, however, very often is a source of destructive stress. Parents are feeling guilty, inadequate and often lost when acting unlike a “perfect parent”. Firstly, those two words “perfect” and “parent” should not even ever exist together. There is no such a thing as “perfect parent” as there are no “perfect children”. In case of parental stress, distorted communication or extended conflict within the family, parental coaching comes handy to help with deep insight into the situation and provide a space to reflect on finding solutions. Our coach will assist parents in the journey of self-awareness, mindful parenting and trust building which should result in increased competence of both parent and child.