Staying sane with family in one house!

Increase public distance! Do not get close to people! Stay home!

These are important demands put recently on us all. These serve prophylaxis against coronavirus COVID-19, a disease recently disturbing life around the globe. Most of us in Dubai adhered to such requirements putting health first.

It was sad, however, to hear that many parents have been worried about having kids at home for the whole day. Some of them, were worrying more about dealing with kids than potential infection.

This is actually a great opportunity to heal family relationships or build them from the scratch. Somehow, such critical situation can put a new light on our daily routines and how much we have gotten lost within the fashions and race for success. All of us, including kids who have devoted most of their after-school time to extracurricular activities. Within such busy schedules probably there was no time to spend together as families. It served its purpose for the society which was achievement focused. Now, we should be focusing on health, sustainability and quality of life.  

Therefore, try to use this inflicted home rest, to get to know one another. Rest together, do nothing together, try to accept each other’s flaws. We wanted to live stress -free life by delegating lots of obligations, even those related to relationships. At present day, allow yourself to be real and accept that your kids, spouse are not perfect, but it is okay. Also, do not force yourself to be the best teacher and entertainer to them. They do not need that. Trust in them, ask them to perform things alone, tell them they are competent of playing without supervision or structured care. If you have infants indulge into being close with them, even while working. Do not take it as punishment or challenge.  You are a team and you all should participating in relationships maintenance. Be compassionate to one selves and others. And for once in a lifetime do not busy yourself not your kids all day long. Try to relax together, play together and do nothing together. It is called life. Enjoy it!