Stress Management

Experiencing stress is a normal part of our lives. In some cases, it can even help us find motivation and drive to accomplish things. However, chronic stress can be hard to cope with and may bring about effects that are harmful to one’s physical, emotional and mental health.

Here at Blue Lights Wellness Center, we have practitioners specializing in various disciplines, hence offering a holistic approach to stress management and anxiety treatment. In Dubai, we have a dedicated wellness center located in JLT to offer easily accessible psychotherapy treatments for alleviating and managing different forms of stress.

Holistic counseling and coaching for stress and anxiety treatment

We provide solution focused counselling and therapy services to empower and equip individuals with the tools they need to effectively manage stress. Each individual responds differently to stressors in their environment, which can be the workplace, home, school, or relationships, and that is why we seek to provide holistic psychotherapy services to meet the unique individual needs of our clients.

Using a multidisciplinary and client-centered approach, our team works together with clients to overcome challenges such as grief and loss, relationship and/or marriage conflicts, coping with injury or illness, student or career difficulties, health and lifestyle changes, traumatic experiences, anxiety, and more.

Whatever stressors you are dealing with, we will help you identify causes, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and set individual goals to achieve a balanced, positive and fulfilled life.

Erin is our in-house wellness practitioner with focused knowledge and experience in stress management. Using a well-thought combination of counseling and therapy methods, Erin enables clients to deal effectively with stress in a healthy and beneficial manner and allows them to achieve and live happy, fulfilled lives.

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Blue Lights is your access to a broad range of world class psychotherapy services all under one wellness center. We have an international team of practitioners specializing in various psychotherapy fields to provide you the best and most suitable therapy methods based on your individual needs and goals.

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