Student Counseling Unraveled

Often times when we talk about student counseling, one can probably summarize some of  the challenges students face during their college experience. Some students receive parental advise & support and others don’t, they just live life each day using their personal judgment and copings kills. Sometimes it is just not enough. Student counseling fore mostly focuses on the student as an individual, yet it may positively impact functioning of the family as a whole. Living in a Social Media dominated time, many students experience cyber bullying, struggle with self image & low self esteem.  Students, who go to college abroad, may experience increased amounts of stress due to relocation, isolation due to loss of friendships, adapting into a new environment without direct support of family and loneliness. Other challenges may even become ‘how to manage my monthly budget wisely’, ‘pressures of passing exams with good grades’ or an increase in feelings of anxiety when doubt arises if the right education has been chosen.

Day to day, different kinds of challenges encounter students; one will encounter people of different backgrounds and cultures within and outside the school walls, your relate and interact with people on different basis and you make friends and steer away from some. Being a student exposes you to a new phase in life from a different angle and oftentimes receiving support from an external counselor can be beneficial. Someone who will listen to you without judgement, see you, hear you, will let you laugh and cry, will work together with you on developing your coping skills and teach you implementations of mindfulness to reduce anxiety and stress.

It is never too soon or too late to reach out for support! If any or all of these challenges resonate with you please contact us on to schedule a session.

Blue Lights Wellness offers reduced student rates for packages up to the age of 23, which means these rates are as well applicable to you if you are a fresh graduate!

With Love & Understanding,