How often do you feel soothing or liberating, genuine, heartfelt human touch?I’m Anita, practitioner of Blue Lights Center and I welcome you to Conscious Touch Ritual: the “space” where you are free to be you in this moment- with no taboos. My scope of work are Emotions (related to the Shadows) and untangling Emotional attachments through the Ritual.

Conscious Touch Ritual™ is two hours Ritual of reconnecting with our Body and Heart through intention. When there is honest and pure intention, focusing on the words and thoughts that we say, we actually pray. Dr. Spiegel claims that praying affects the deeper part of the brain; parts that are involved in self-reflection, emotion handling and self-soothing. Following intuitive touch/subtle massage, accompanied with tibetan bowls sound, DNA healing frequency music and only inevitable coaching (powerful questions) to support releasing any aspect of blockage: emotional, physical, mental and/or spiritual. Blocks are basically emotions stuck as consequence of suppressing them (sometimes unconsciously).

Six main („negative“) emotions that we usually suppress are fear, anger, shame, grief, disgust and guilt. We suppress them in particular parts of our body and it can be literally anywhere. For women, very often that place is their womb. For men, very often that place is their heart.

Removing the blocks from the body brings many fantastic deeds: personal power, creativity and confidence which lead to more (self)respect (at home and at work), ability to influence, flow and feeling of determination to achieve personal/work goals, AND finally dropping the role of victim, realising that with – seemingly dreading – responsibility for own life also comes the power to make things best way (my heartfelt way of doing things).

If Conscious Touch Ritual™ resonates with you, don’t hesitate to book your session on or 04/2432930. I’m awaiting you with open heart.