What foods are right for me?

You have made the decision to become healthier? You decided you want to become the healthiest version of yourself but you just don’t seem to know where or how to start. Or, perhaps, you  already are doing a lot to be healthy but it all seems too overwhelming. Or maybe you just can’t decide which “diet”, of the many diet trends out there is right for you; keto, paleo, vegan? It all seems to complicated nowadays.

I get you. You are not alone in this. What if I told you that finding the “right” way of eating in order to have a health transformation is much easier and fun than it might seem right now.  All it requires is small, consistent steps towards your health goals and it seems to me you already might be taking the first one by reading this post.

My name is Jovana. I am an integrative nutrition health coach and I work with clients to improve their health and overall wellness though a simple but integrative approach. This approach includes whole foods and nutrition but also a lot of conversations and self-discovery and also potentially addressing any issues that might come up on a personal level (one example would be emotional overeating or binge-eating etc.)

I would love to support you, educate and empower you to make behavioral changes that will lead to your improved wellness. You are welcome to book your first free “Health History”  session with me.