Yoga & Reiki Therapy

My name is Dalia and I’m a holistic wellness practitioner with Blue Lights. I offer yoga therapy, Reiki healing, and Theta healing sessions. These offerings provide a well-rounded approach to mind, body and soul wellbeing. If you’re not familiar with these modalities, I’m going to delve a little into each:

Yoga therapy:

Did you know that we carry a lot of our emotions and stress in our bodies? There are yoga poses that are specific to unblocking these emotions, and you get a good workout out of it. A yoga therapy session will begin with an intake to understand what your needs are and what you’d like to work on whether your goals are physical or more emotional, I will customize a yoga flow curated specifically to meet your needs. Through a mixture of breathing exercises, physical poses, and meditations you will leave the session feeling lighter, more in tuned with your body, and definitely more relaxed.

Reiki Healing:

Reiki is a hands-on healing through which “universal energy” is transferred in order to encourage emotional or physical healing. I work specifically with chakra blocks. Chakras are your spiritual energy centres, think of them like energetic vortexes that absorb and carry a lot of your emotions, beliefs, and tendencies. A reiki session aims to unblock these energy portals to facilitate clearing these negative charges and allow for a more positive and healing flow of vital energy in your body.

Theta Healing:

Theta healing is a more cognitive approach to healing as it works with your subconscious mind to identify and clear negative beliefs, in essence rewiring your brain to create a more positive reality. If you’re more inclined to wanting to be aware of what your blocks are, where they come from, and what you can do to change them, then this is a modality for you.

A good idea is to start off with a yoga therapy session to feel more in tuned and stronger with your body. You might want to follow that up with a Reiki session so that you become more aligned. With that alignment comes awareness, so a Theta healing session to unblock whatever is stopping you from living your best life could come next. Reach out today, I’m happy to answer any of your questions and to work closely with you to ensure mind, body and soul happiness.

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Dalia (Reiki & Yoga therapist at Blue Lights Wellness)